Poetic State Of Mind

Isn’t She Lovely…


Brown eyes I fell in love with her focus,
Her drive, her spirit felt by her energy,
Like a fusion of fire crackers and explosives,
This chemistry is radioactive,
She is neither here nor there,
Neither melanin nor fair,
With keys to my soul the way she soulfully plays me A minor in full glare,
She teaches me that love is simply not an affection or blessing of her pear shaped temple,
though I’m stressing to come to terms with the finesse and perfection at how intricately her curves were sketched and as if by design I’m ushered into a zone of confessions,
I respect her “come up”, her upbringing,
Her faith and how in James 1:3, she stays winning,
Not your perfect specimen,
She like every Kofi, Kweku and Ama has been casted in every drama since Adam,
Comparisons with biblical referencing,
Eve for seduction, Jezebel for deception,
If you can see her past her flaws you could see she is a rose waiting to be plucked from concrete,
The shiniest amongst constellations,
Even at her worst, her endeavour is simply not up for debating,
As brittle as she may be physically,
Mentally she’s tough as nails,
Her smile like the ray of sunlight that pierces through grey clouds right in the midst of a storm,
I am in awe of her elegance,
The warmth of her presence, the wisdom and humility in her speech, gorgeous traits in opulence..
It is true that many like me and you may not be fit to kiss her hand or fit her feet in the glass shoe,
Even without an MU or an FC treatment she effortlessly stays hot like the devil’s deep end,
She’s His gift to us, the Monalisa painted from the canvas without blemish,
The definition of all things pure and beautiful,
Isn’t she lovely?



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