Poetic State Of Mind

Virtuous Vixen (Encore)…


” She is beautiful, love the colour of her eyes,
Melanin skin tone sending shivers right down to every inch of my bone,
An intelligent woman, dedicated to the art of winning,
Whether its family, love or Christ you can not prize away her joy,
Her peace, by the quiet waters she sits as she contemplates what her life could be,
Plotting her next act of servitude to humanity and I ask..why can’t all women be blessed like her,
She…is earth wind and fire, she possesses the world at her feet,
From her head down to her toe, she desires to remain faithful to that which only preserves her identity,
Many would have loved to pluck rather than wait for the apple to fall down from the tree,
But in her garden lies a sanctuary, no entry nor keep off signs, just a note that reads,
“Not a girl, not yet a woman” so please please, respect her privacy,
Diligence, industry hard work has never been made to look so effortless, easy and pretty,
She is a symbol of a queen with a hint of Cinderella without the fashion and flare,
Without the $500 pair of red bottoms, why care of material possessions when you have a soul that’s priceless?
The motherly love, the perfect imperfections of a wife tailored to let you see life from a dusty to shiny peripheral,
To let you see that no matter the magnitude of the fall, the weight of the world on your shoulders, there’s a hand shaped in a form of a wing, a voice in the mould of angel waiting to lift you from the rubble,
To uplift you with songs of Psalms,
Let it be known, that as you sit pondering who she is, be under no illusions that she’s the best thing since sliced bread,
Scratch that, the sweetest thing, none that can ever be compared to,
She is God’s greatest gift, virtuous is her name…”


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