Poetic State Of Mind


This is probably lame, maybe a joke, but what the hell, here goes nothing…

I’ve liked you from day one, from the bars we spat, who knew I’d get so attached?
With your style, persona, your skin scented and glistening like a fresh bar of Rexona?
Hol up!

That was supposed to be Nivea but you get the picture

Honestly I could give you a thousand reasons as to why I would like you to be with me,

Why I want to be with you, but words are only 10% of what the heart feels,  90% in the flesh could say more,

But I ask myself, what more could I possibly say or do to someone who could possibly do all by herself?

I don’t live in a rented space,
Or drive the latest Mercedes,
A 2010 corolla with worn out speakers,
Creeks in the Bass,

Just a guy with a dream to work like a slave never mind eat like a king,
If God for us love tell us why the picture frame can’t have a developed negative of us?

Material things don’t mean a thing to you and truthfully that’s a beautiful thing in itself,
Be the spark for my change,
A Pac full of Janet,
Poetically justifying how a proclaimed dadabee and a queen can magically procreate a beautiful & timeless love story,

I want to be the reason you smile,
The reason you get mad,
The reason you want to shit on everybody because irrespective of the number of times I may get on your very last nerves,
No one can sit back and not say she doesn’t deserve that jerk,

For better or worse,
Here and now I put you first,
I’ll fluctuate your emotions like an Engineer at ECG,
Load shed your days with pain and happiness till you rip out your hair,
cuss me out and curse the day you agreed to be with me,

Plant kisses on your forehead,
Watch you wake up gracefully at dawn and sleep peacefully at sunset,

Blessed beyond measure beyond the proverbial context

Your beauty alone didn’t attract me, for what’s beauty without a pretty personality?
That which stands above but not beyond God’s craftiness and handiwork,

That reply to my DM never came,
Honesty might not be your cup of tea,
Though I’d appreciate if you blatantly told me piss off to the next life,
No shame,

They say I’m a fool for trying,
They say I’m too weak for you,
Too deep to comprehend your principles and values,
Too dry to keep you wet during conversations and interests,
So in effect I should give up,
Let go of what is an unattainable quest,

Except what they fail to forget is its better to have fought for than later on regret what could have been,

So here and now I ask you to express what it is that you feel within?
I’m ready to give you and risk my all,
Are you prepared to let me catch your fall?


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