Poetic State Of Mind

Bottom Line**

The most intriguing aspect of life is desiring that which we can not have. Not because they tell us we can’t, but because irrespective of the lengths and breadth we go through, those cards won’t fold.

I was thinking just the other day about the number of tries and effort I had made in getting a suitable girlfriend amongst a certain group of girls and none of them gave a sniff.

It is actually funny because after a while you start to question whether you’re the problem or whether the problem is them but in actual fact, it’s neither both.

Think of going back to that time when you wanted something so badly, so you cried, pushed heaven and earth, went through a lot of pain to get that one thing; could have been an autograph, a game console, a school grade, but irrespective of how hard you tried, your best wasn’t enough.

Now before you tackle me with the “but school grades are attainable if you study hard” line, remember that some subjects some grades were a taboo to get. You know, those ones where legend says “only 1 person in 15-20yrs managed to get that grade”, yeah that one. That’s beside the point though.

The problem here is accepting the inevitable, the result, the fact that 9.9999999999999 times out of 10, when you throw that ball against the wall, provided it is full of air, its bound to bounce back at you rather than drop dead instantly.

Acceptance in the pursuit of substance or in the quest to fulfill a satiable or insatiable desire or need is sometimes the mother of all conundrums. OK I get it, why shouldn’t it be you? Why shouldn’t it be that? What’s wrong?

Answer: Nothing!

I’m reminded of a local proverbial quote that says not all five fingers are the same and just because Kofi has this, Ama has that or Kwesi has her, Adjoa has him does not necessarily mean it’s your divine right to follow suit. In a parallel universe, yes but let’s not kid ourselves here, no two humans (barring identical twins) were born alike.

Maybe a look in a different direction can provide the solution you need. Perhaps patience is also a viable maybe clearer option to hold onto but whatever you end up believing in, please please learn to let accept and then let go and vice versa.

Afterall, the universe was designed to present us with options, some of which we are accessible to and others not so much.


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