Poetic State Of Mind

Subtle Approach…

Summer time fine, she tastes just like wine,
And I’m hoping to make her mine but I’m not even sure if we’re perfectly inclined?
In a parallel world we wouldn’t care,
We’d just bear each other’s crosses , share our losses after all love is about choices and irrespective of he say, she say, we soar and slay in the sky like Royal air forces,
But that was yesterday, It seems these days marriage is a fashion for days,
Like that new pair Yeezy’s or Loubs you fail to cut your coat according to so you go in with a win win mentality but when lose lose becomes a reality you turn to lucifer for closure and clarity,
An immaculate misconception and disparity,
My father told me about 30mins ago to know yourself , then know her from coal before you hit that button to go,
Know her from coal,
So basically if she’s already sparked chances are she’s looking for flames in the name of money , clothes and fame,
She wants to be loved by material circumstances,
Her stance is your love has to speak in cedi, pound , euro, dollar, yen or forget your chances,
Your advances mean nothing when your cheques bounces and your bank accounts don’t have enough balances,
What happened to team effort?
What happened to let me be the root and you be the branch?
Can we not feed off each other when rain and sunlight switch positions under cloudy covers?
We are here bickering and fighting ,
Yelling at each other with fists clinched like you were Holyfield and I was Tyson,
Should have known you weren’t the one when you drank your tea with no sugar,
Regrets of a naive man who’s sudden realization just makes the taste in his mouth more bitter,
I love her but I may have to reconsider,
Assess her and not her assets, Access her soul and not her soft jello,
So b, don’t let your pride sting in the quest of finding yourself,
You’re way richer in heart than any material wealth,
In sickness or health we could be the perfect tonic to prolong our longevity,
There’s no better feeling than reeling in the moment , knowing you grew a rose from the concrete…


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