Poetic State Of Mind

Gold Coast 2.0…

Dine with me as we dig in on the state of the country,The flag and land we uphold so dearly is being checked out of the relevance cart,
Redundant and fickle minded politicians politicking with resources and of course your president keeps bleeping horse…

SHIT! Just remembered my genset is out of fuel,

Time of this piece is currently 8:15pm,
Dumsor rears it’s unfazed non arsed self again,
Astronomical inflation means Nana Pobee needs to flip a coin to choose between candles and darkness for fucks sake,
Life’s not fair even from a bleached out perspective,

The Gold Coast as we know it has become a broken vessel,
Rid of its navigation and coordinates by a crew that have their priorities misplaced,
We used to be a nation full of greats,
GREAT standing for Galvanizing Revolutionary Enigmatic Astounding Teachers,
Teachers not dictators,
Teachers not dick takers,
From probability to debt,
From green to red,
Yet we have nonce’s ruling us according to 12inch measurement sticks rather than sticking to the scripts,
Ruling us with their genitalia rather than their medula oblongata,

A sad instance of a father birthing a gem that grew into a bastard in the end,
What we have become only makes sense in the “had i known” tense,
Had I known to have picked my thumb out of my ass rather than depend on incorrigible men,
Had I known that taking bribes across borders would only rubber-stamp my tenure as a morgue of corruptible ties,

Why lie before men of your faith in the Most High,
Before men who rule by the thumb and not by the pen?
Before men who irrespective of the fact that the cedi can not appreciate the pound, dollar, euro or the yen, wake up early hours daily to tie up loose ends,

We need more than a savior,
More than elephants beneath multi colored umbrellas,
More than chickens to avoid these fouls,
We need a plan, we need unity, we need seeds of wisdom to grow on this land plough thoroughly,
A reason to still believe in the remedy the GREAT Nkrumah developed without the laws and principles of chemistry,

We long for redefined memories, refined history, we demand a Gold Coast 2.0 by any means necessary…


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