Poetic State Of Mind



Love you without a safety belt,
With no brake pads,
No airbags, loving you is synonymous to death but you’re the greatest feeling I could ever have,

The chassis of my soul requires no pass certification I’m ready to let go…
…of all inhibitions that seems to have my mind tripping,
Let these words bounce off the prism of your soul, my heart speaks to you in a form of rainbow,
I’m bolting for your love like Usain raining down in glory at Rio,
Racing in a Rio but I’m pretty sure my engine is German made,
I’m a little faded pardon my naivety my belle dame, 
Butterflies and bees, you’re a little perturbed with this feel good vibes I see,

I don’t mean to cause you displeasure,
I’m neither the perfect specimen, nor a priceless gift to treasure so I should know better than to unconsciously amp you with pressure,
However, on my forehead says “Never”,
My heart is etched with “forever” so in principle I will never quit till our stars are aligned together like the constellations in the sky forever,

You define me in languages I could never imagine,
Melanin has never looked nor sounded this  beautiful in French, English, German and Latin, 
I love your passion,
Your desires, your dreams and your will to continue; even when life tries to have you fold, you break even, one of the many reasons you have me beaming,

I want to hug you for days, 
Stare in your eyes in a non diminishing glaze,  and show you how in so many ways loving you has reignited me as a person, but revitalized my quest for perfection,
Indeed you are a blessing,
Can’t think God enough, 
In a time when I was stressing,
You were sent here as my my calming influence, to you I owe all of my affection,

I’m in a safe haven, I’m ready to take that leap of faith and…who better to be with than you…my feng shui, my muse, my beautiful….



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