Poetic State Of Mind

Caged In…


I could have been a different soul,
I could have been in a different sole,
But why would I wear a size F cos loving you involves contravening my demeanor at best?Fascinated by the wild life, bound to a toxic relationship you claim is refined like a 1973 chardonnay,
A bitter taste I guess but none compared to what breathless feel this Cabernet Sauvignon can you give though?
I’m not here to Judge Judy you,
Judge Brown you out to public scrutiny,
I’m not here to Judge Binder you for your last penny,
You were once a strong woman,
The woman I used to know would bite back and bark at the gates against soul snatchers who posed as tenants of your love abode,
You would rather bark feebly and in fear against your tenants because you’re intoxicated with threats and faux pas ideas,
Take one good look at yourself,
Your freedom is priceless but your happiness is your wealth,
Spending days locked in a cell full of pains and flashbacks, rain soaked cheeks and heart attacks,
Maniacs emotionless with no care in the world because fuck boys are us who treat women like queens and the greatest trophy since the days of sippy cups,
I beg to differ when you say “I am not worthy of your love”,
It’s the simple things beyond the glam and the bling, beyond the whips and ca-ching, beyond the late night texts, the vociferous, wood breaking, body sparring sex, beyond the usual context, me loving you is simply a blessing that can not be easily put in an imaginable perspective,

How often do you get to be praised in all manner of ways,
The kind that reflects a goddess who was simply born and bred to reign,
The kind you envision your beautiful kids looking up and following according to,
The kind you know deeply in your heart bodes and speaks well of you,
A diamond in the rough or a rose to grow out of a concrete,
Either ways living in denial is not a one way escape to fort “I’m fine” when your path is flooded with thorns..love you are not okay,
Love you are not a slave,
You deserve a safe boot and and upgrade…



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