Poetic State Of Mind


Which way to go?

From the genesis, Adam and Eve were conceived with innocence,
Wisdom laid but not hatched, the basics were there yet that one alonte would not be spared of its curious nature,
Cut from different cloths we are individually unique,
Not just in physique but in mind and soul,
Paths generated by our instincts, values and goals,
You set the pace and the tone for how high you aspire to reach or how low you dig beneath your feet,
Kweku flies a Boeing for a living, Kofi is a drug peddling kingpin,
The aim is to win at life regardless of the hustle so ask yourself what choices have you made to put food on your plate?

They say life is about choices,
You rule the world with your thumb,
Misguided priorities has led us to believe that the world is a facebook where we rule the world based on hashtag lit flame emoji, flame emoji, flame emoji,
So deep with the shallow thinking theories,
Roll the dice and the chances are you will hit an even score but what’s more important?Advancing in this monopoly game of life or falling off this ladder because you were dithered in your steps by snakes disguised as friends?
Young man you were raised to be the head of your clan,
The protector of your breed, the proverbial breadwinner not the agege bread winner,
Failure is not an option but it will test your resolve a couple of times and when it does you need to show your metal,
You can not iron out your flaws, you can not photoshop nor Corel Draw undo mishaps but you can evolve,
Cut your losses but first your cloth according to your size and only then will your life fit in symmetry with your purpose,
Young woman you may be a descendant of Eve but that was generations ago,
What is more important is you let that flower inside you blossom to its full aura,
Let that light glow,
Not just the one upstairs but the one that separates you from the crowd-pleasers and the superficial hers,
Be the heroine that you desire to be and you may be inspired by pink prints and beyhives but b, be an authentic version that supersedes your wildest dreams,
Life is what you make it,
So when you make your own bed do not expect Kojo B3gye wo girl or Adjoa bie gya to change the sheets after your binge of atopa,
It’s making sense now you see,
That STD that followed after you replied that DM,
That goal you were sure the rubber had in control in between the posts,
That one Sunday morning you woke up robbed after 8PM,
Was a result of your negligence and suddenly you would rather your existence transformed into ghost,
Less is more but when you had options you choked and acted on the most,
Nullified advices and added on vices,
The thrills, the spills, ills and now you are in crisis,

And I would love to judge you just to spite you in wake of your tardiness but who am I better still whose life is it?



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