Poetic State Of Mind

Last Word….2016 


It’s been an incredible year,
A year full of ooos and aahs, glories and failures,
Joy and grief,
Birth and eternal sleeps,
Yet I stand here,
In spite of me going the extra mile, not accomplishing my goals, being distracted by friends who’d later turn into foes,
I suppose it’s a miracle my soul is intact,
In my reflection of the past 12 months I realize I screwed up more than I grew up,
Underestimated the power to realistically achieve whatever I perceived,
Que sera sera but I could have done a lot more,
I could have opened and shut a lot more doors,
Could have retained and obtained the love I had for the gift, people and path of life I walk on,
However in all things I give thanks, it’s time to walk on,

Next year I want to do it all,
I want to think it all, achieve more and use my losses as stepping stones to stand taller and tougher than the Great Wall,
I want to love like no other, 
Touch and feel the mind, body and soul of whoever I sync with without focusing on tallying up the body count,
Real goals, the ones that win you trophies rather than just points,
I want God to hold steady this yacht full of positivity and ideas,
Strengthen my faith and allay all fears,
Bless the fruits of my labor and refine my blood sweat and tears,
Next year I want to move up a gear without having to worry about what’s in my rear view mirror,
With hard work and dedication, with patience but no hesitation, 
With prayers and much faith,
Lord elevate us out of this concrete as roses to be GREAT!



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