Poetic State Of Mind

Here Before…

How deep is your love,
How deep…is your…love?
I need to really know because we are living in a world full of kwasia’s, aboa’s
and 0twea’s who can’t restrain themselves from trying to “off pants”
in the name of bants,
If this love you say you feel for me surpasses anything you ever felt before
then why do I always hear it whenever you demand for material possessions?
Last week it was the Jimmy Choos,
The week before it was the Balenciaga’s,
You are gassing me up and it’s a big spot of a bother,

What are you going to ask today?
a Valentines Day upgrade of your Yves Saint Lauren’s to Balmain?
Alright I’ll admit I need to spend on you,
But if we are going to go through this phase love there better be food
on this plate whether I come home early or late,
That body better be positioned for my ammunition and I am not kidding
when I say “I will teach you lessons your body and soul will never be able
to brave”

You say it’s controlling, you think?
Just wait for the toss of that kitchen sink…

Name one time I did you wrong?
Name one time I did not find it in me to write you a song?
Especially on days when your jollof tasted better than that night market
That jollof tasted better when i tossed the salad against the frivolous weather,

Agenda twins for twins is still on my mind,
He makes things all beautiful in His time,
Ok fine..I get it, you aren’t ready yet but as we draw and withdraw the dross,
insert, incline, intersect, intertwine, recline our spines beyond feasible but
spiritual lines,
Just know it’s only a matter of time before I Russell you with a double double
in overtime,

You laughed, I swear your smile is perfect,
I wish I wasn’t this nervous,
Maybe it’s because you were there during the losses more than the wins,
The lost rib from my loins, you were there from the onset when all we counted
were coins,
I will forever cherish the day you told me “my best friend is this reason I live till
date” and long may I reign as the King of your hearts with an Ace of blessing rather
than a curse of Spade,
It’s like we have been here before, over and over again,
From foul mouths to turkey jibes, like broken glasses our tongues have cut through
the sole of our soul almost as if our pain threshold is addicted to its module,

I can’t say I don’t enjoy it,
You can’t neither,
We deliberately bruise each other’s ego till we penetrate more holes than what is
required of me to score “relationship and family goals”,
I just want to wake up every day laying right next to the person who will challenge
me all the way,
Pick me up from my faults, help me bear my cross,
Be bonded adhesively during my losses and not only through my net and gross
I want to profit from this investment I went in with a piece of sheet, my thoughts
and a pen,
That same part where irrespective of shortcomings and upbringings,
Love always win…



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