Poetic State Of Mind



Heaven had no meaning until I met you,
Mother nature’s finest specie and I swear it still feels like a dream come true,
I counted my blessings and said a prayer,
Miracles were inevitable, having you was far fetch back then and yet here I stand in confusion of how you are right here,
I sometimes find it hard to comprehend what I have done to deserve you,
You looked beyond my flaws and my twisted virtues,
Looked beyond my demeanor and appreciated my upbringing,
Trust in my goals, regardless of how slow the process will take for us to land that pot of gold,

I am not worthy of this goddess,
Her elegance is far from modest,
Her intellect is at the apex of where my heart and soul seek to procreate a
love that goes further beyond anything I could ever dream for,
I was on my knees this morning, thankful for many things,
Thankful for many persons,
Feeling blessed for many dreams,
Today I choose to celebrate you, more than yesterday or the day
My best friend turned mi amor and if not for anything, my wings of strength,
For what’s at stake, damn right I’ll go through lengths,

I want to braid your hair,
Give you back rubs,
Hand wash, iron, and fold clothes whilst you sit glowingly on that chair,
I want to be your handy man,
Mend and repair all broken pieces, your frustrations between these
Martha Stewart’s bed pieces,
I want to do the right things even if its in the wrong ways
I want to seek continuity and growth as you bear my yokes,
I want you to be my forever lady,

Clear blue waters and white golden sand trapped between our toes as we
cuddle whilst watching the sun go down low in its last dance,
And if I have the chance I’ll wrap you a coloring book with no problems,
The questions about x’es and finding y’s let me the one to solve them,
To say these things and yet be unresponsive and careless is an indictment
to us,
The horns have been honked, my sweet lady, hold my hand,
All I ask is for your unwavering trust…


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