Poetic State Of Mind

Best Friend…


I want to fold clothes with you,
I want to make you feel good,
Baby I want to do the right things,
Even if not in the right ways,
Because you’re my 4am prayer,
My 5am workout,
My 6am cup of coffee,
My 11am brunch of fruits and honey,
I want to be connected to thee so when you speak…
…I can feel your heart beat,
Lately it seems you’ve been working too hard to even notice me and I apologize for being late on your birthday that is unusual of a man of my pedigree,
I promise to make it up to you everyday for the rest of our lives from the moment we declare each other as bae,
Go to church with you on Sundays, braid and un-braid your hair,
Youtube your favorite activities because I want to be paired with you like bestfriends do,
Pound and eat fufu from the same asanka as you do and not have a single care in this world,
Travel the world on sea, land or in air and let the world know you’re  my girl,
Be the blue ribbon to tie you down like your pony tail,
Be the blue ribbon to reward your excellence, faith and trust in the process and journey we’re bound to make,
But that’s for a later date come what may,
On a day like this I just want to celebrate your existence, your mold,
Your beauty, from your milk chocolate skin tone,
Your…dreamy eyes to your gracious smile beholds opulence,
Silence me with your elegance,
Intrigue me with your intelligence,
Devour me with your sexiness if just for a moment,
Bless me with your love, forever draw me close to your heart,
and though we are apart I’m wide open to take a shot at your love….



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