Poetic State Of Mind

I Am Fine…


I see no clear path,
My faith keeps getting tested,
Father I failed you after my upbringing,
Mother i bit my tongue when you spoke but I failed to listen,
I have life but I ask is this really worth living?
While my friends flaunt and show off their success I stay low key envying and teeth kissing,
Why am I different?
Why can’t I get a decent job?
Why is finding a soul mate really hard?
Why can’t I gain some weight?
Why can’t I lose some more?
I’m staring at my social posts waiting for these likes so I can also feel like a GOAT,
I’m stressed and I’m in pain,
My friends and family look me in the eye but neglect me over and over again,
No one to talk to so I cage my thoughts in a cell with little to no air,
It’s rather pointless adding my frustrations to their already populated space to be fair,
Why should I care about a world that bears grudges with me,
Cuffs me in a state of confusion,
My soul used to be a pond of freshness before I got polluted with all these illusions,
Perhaps it’s not for me,
Maybe I deserve to be in a place of 0 hostility,
A place where I won’t have to worry about he, she, they or them,
A place of calm waters and sweet serenity,
They will never understand my worth till I’m gone,
Good riddance to you dear world, 
Dear universe here I come….


This piece was inspired by recent suicide stories…mental depression and loneliness is real. Let’s do more than sending “hey” texts, call someone today, visit someone you know, you might just save a life. Thank you.




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