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On The Mend…

It’s 3:52 on a Monday morning, about this time I should be saying my prayers, having my devotional and readying myself for half an hour of power walks around the house. Today feels quite different though, the vibe feels different. It’s the day before my birthday.

As I laid in bed looking at the white ceiling panel, fan blades spinning on speed 1, I thought to myself at which point do I feel like I am ready to head back into the game? Am I making progress on working myself or do I still feel the need to do more to feel 101% ready to get back in? It’s really an intriguing process when you are battling with your demons. Do not get me wrong, it’s a hell of a process, energy sapping at most times but when the storms quiet down, the playbacks are usually riveting to say the least.

Last year right about this time, I was crunching numbers on possible projects, running around in discreet, trying to setup meetings, and then having to deal with what seems a nonexistent love life. I eventually shelved these plans momentarily and got myself a job at a company which I presently find myself in. I was swamped with various activities so much that I failed to check in with myself. I figured “hey, I’m good, focusing on the essentials and is good, right?” Wrong!

What was to come was a series of back and forth struggles in the quest to fix the love life, a suicidal death of a close cousin and the most interesting bit, a fight with depression which would see me seclude myself from the world..well almost, but you get the point. I was in a fix. I felt perhaps, I was not cut out for the world and that I had run my course even though I was still in pursuit of my purpose. It is fascinating because at this very time of my life, I was juggling two activities that were toxic for each other; finding love and depression. If you have been in this situation or know anyone who has, you would know it’s like mixing oil with water, or taking in diary products when you are lactose intolerant.

I went through a period only God understood and perhaps my faith in the long run was being tested and my goodness how much of a test that was. It is funny because I always saw myself as a representation of my father, one who made the popular expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” look so easy and with panache. A strong head, the unbent one if you like, but one with so much faith and charisma. That is the kind of man I thought I was impersonating at the time and so you can imagine my own shock when I fell into that state. You know what the kick about all this was? It took my cousins death for me to realize where I had fallen off in this journey of life. It took that moment, for that penny to drop to have the seal on my eyes and in my soul to crack open and realize that I was sowing and almost harvesting a seed that would eventually bury me 6-feet deep before my due date.

I sat up on my bed recollecting the moments and it is fair to say, I may have never lived to celebrate the next day. I wondered, what would my obituary say? How would those who on any given day would fight tooth and nails for me say? It felt surreal, but more importantly, it was a cue for me to assess where I was and where I intend to go. I have to admit I feel great right about now, I am fully aware of my surroundings and if not anything, my faith just gets more and more solidified.

I am still fighting with the love demons and maybe that’s a sign for me to not rush into things or maybe that is one hell of a demon which seems to have a Hearts of Oak mentality. It is not about not wanting it, heck, love is such a beautiful aspect of life and I can say that because I have been there before and when everything syncs, it is such an amazing feeling. It is more about me expecting whoever to want it as much as I do. Times have passed where I used to “stretch and break limbs” or in lain man terms, go all out in pursuit of what I thought was the real deal only to come up short. I still have that fire, question is, does she want it out as much as I do? Some might call this being picky, not willing to open up, but to me, I see this as a systematic process which has the potential to work even better than the last couple of relationships I have been in.

I am more decisive and most definitely more precise about what I am looking for and it is not about the flashiness or the body counts or the “Kofi is in one so I definitely need to also be in one’, no! It’s about finding that confidant, that special one. The supportive one who is a visionary as you are and will push you all the way to be an almost perfect version of yourself. To me, the definition of soulmate is someone who irrespective of miles, towns, countries, continent, once you feel pain, he or she feels it too, like in a spiritually inclined, telepathic sense. Do I think that’s too much to ask for? No. Am I searching like a predator smelling possible preys within a 10 mile radius? Not really but I am definitely open to the idea.

However, I need to make sure that it feels right, that I feel right and that whilst I am building on a career, on a business and on my faith, that I am in the most perfect of shapes to have all systems go. Who knows what tomorrow brings though? I could be back here telling you about the most amazing girl I met right after writing this piece. I guess we’ll never know till it happens.


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92 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Acrimony’

Yeah this was me for most parts…

The JR Show

  1. I wonder if Denzel will play Taraji’s husband
  2. This lawyer is afraid of his client. I feel like Taraji has beaten him before
  3. Why do they have to make Taraji crazy so much of the time?
  4. I think she is actually crazy in this movie
  5. Do people really look that different between college and middle age?
  6. How are they going to find each other later? They didn’t have a good look at the other person when they bumped into each other
  7. Let me not think too much about how he found her room
  8. This roommate seems like she wants to fuck Robert. I hope she is not the one he cheats with
  9. Seriously? You think this guy is sexy? Ok
  10. How has no girl ever said, ‘let’s talk about you’ to me?
  11. How dumb is this chick? After all the tutoring you couldn’t even manage a D?
  12. Oh Tyler Perry!…

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Too Much Love To Hate…

24hours in a day, 7days in a week, 365days in a year. I think I speak for most people when I say being able to wake up every morning to do the things we love, to spend time with the people that matter is probably refreshing feeling known to mankind. I mean, think about it, you’re alive, you’re healthy, you have another day to live your best life or at least work towards it.

It is the little things to be fair that make life living all worth it and all you have to give in return for these grave blessings is just showing an ounce of gratitude. That really is it. I find it most intriguing that with the time we have, people still have effort to “hate”. I struggle to come to terms with that word not because it is a naturally strong and aggressive word but because, in all honesty you would have had to build so much negative energy around something or someone to use the word or feel it in that respect. To be clear I am in no way telling people out here how to feel or in which direction to direct their feelings but I just shudder to think how much energy I personally could be wasting ‘hating’ on something or someone for that matter.

What really is the end result of ‘hating’ someone? Does it alter your happiness for the better or does it add an extra bit of coins in your pocket? Imagine having to balance between doing multiple jobs, taking care of your family, schooling and yet by some miraculous circumstances, still having the energy to hate. The reason we’re put here on earth is to fulfill our purpose, some of us may have found that, others may still be on the rigorous pursuit of it, and for some of us, we may have found it but we’re just not sure how to go about or adapt to it. It really does beg the question, knowing we have something to achieve why do we build so much negative energy and focus on ‘hating’ things when really what we ought to be doing is to moving away from the things or people whose energies do not sync with us.

Even more, we ought to be changing the things within your perimeters and capabilities.  The world isn’t standing still, acts like complaining, bickering, hating, these are not progressive and certainly promote stagnation rather than evolution. Personally, I have so much love in my heart I find it remotely difficult to ‘hate’. It isn’t within my DNA and prior to writing this piece, I tried to remember the last time I thought to myself “I hate this, I hate that”. People you need to understand, there is so much out there to do, so much to achieve, so much love to give. The universe feeds back the energy you give and if that’s ‘hate’, best believe you’re going to spend the most precious parts of your life doing that to little to nothing profitable in return. Just look at on-going wars in war prone countries, imagine what these nations could achieve if they just put whatever ‘hate’ they have for each other aside.

Ask yourself, what is so heart throbbing, so crucial, so significant for you to resent someone or something beyond the realms of detest, or dislike for that matter? Relationships end, and so what if the breakup was hard, so what if he or she did something so repulsive, so deep that you feel like you wasted the best part of your life on him or her? He or she has moved on perhaps and you are probably a web page that got deleted from the browser history. Life goes on to be honest, his loss, her loss, your gain. Your life, his or hers do not revolve around each other, seize the coverage you’re giving to that person or those people all in the name of ‘hate’. Does ‘hate’ get you accolades or some kind of retribution for the pain or damaged caused bearing in mind, the only scars you can boast of are the mend worthy ones to your heart?

Is it all really worth it in the end considering we came individually with individual assignments and once our time is up we will similarly leave and be judged individually? It sounds all cliche, sounds all “yeah yeah, I have heard this umpteen times” but when you think about it, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who you befriended today, who you threw sour grapes or rotten tomatoes at. No, at the end of the day, it is about how you impacted a life, changed a situation, evolved and what you did with the purpose to which you were placed here on to do.

That’s just it.

Poetic State Of Mind

Ghanaian Queen (Fan Love)…

Brown skin,
She wins with what you’d call a sweet
caramel flavored melanin,
She is brilliant,
In thoughts that transcribe to words,
Her intellect is radiant,
Her beauty is just a quarter of physical
looks and three quarters mental and
spiritual aesthetics,
She finesses with no inferior complexes,
She is truly not unruly,
Fully embraces her culture but this
heroine wears no capes,
Wears her pride on her sleeve,
She is from a region that speaks royalty
but her ego is full of humility,
She’s the Yaa Asantewaa of this modern
Alice Annum with the Olympian spirit
Efua Sutherlands youth and Ama Ata
Aidoos protégée,
Who said she wasn’t destined to be great,
I beg to differ if one is to say he or she has
met a goddess that speaks courage, respect
and boldness in a language that isn’t cliché,
If you knew this woman you would ran
through brick walls for her,
Swim in the deepest and farthest ends of
the oceans for her,
Father the children of hers because let’s be
fair, there’s no angel on earth with a heart
that’s enough to power a continent like that
of hers,
She is God sent, a heavenly intervention
straight from Heaven to mend broken spirits
and for that she deserves the most accolades
and blessings,

She is our ultra light beam,
So here is to you, your highness, the
imperial Ghanaian Queen…

This piece was inspired by Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa (pic) whose motivational book “Unleash the ‘Gold’ Within” comes out soon. Kindly pre-order by calling +233242924005

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Step Up…

It’s been an awful while since I actually put down regular thoughts so I figured heck why not start again?

I turned 30 a month ago and to be honest, the days leading up to the day itself I wondered how I would feel waking up. Would I be sad? Would I be happy? Would I even actually wake up but I guess that was all the fear running inside of me. Fear of growth? Nope, fear of stepping up. Fear of finally beating my chest and saying it is time to take charge. Time to be the man, time to get yourself a woman and get… wait, ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

I had a party exactly two weeks ago, it was a good vibe but to be honest I was disappointed with the masses I invited and didn’t show up. The day after as I laid in bed, legs all sore from the hustle and bustle of being the ‘super host of the year’, it hit me. It hit me that days like those were bound to come. That you would require or better still request the presence of loved ones to share with you days or moments that are significant to your life and you would get only a handful to come through. In short, disappointment just like death is part of life and the sooner you embrace it, the better days like those do not come as major or minor surprises to you.

I recognize I am at that stage of my life where disappointments should rather galvanize and fuel my desire to work harder, to be better not bitter. It is an evolution that needs to take place at some point and no compromises should be made. You say you are full of steel? Enough talks, prove it! Hence why I perceive human let downs or disappointments to be the least of my problems going forward in this new stage of life that I am embarking on. The popular line of ‘people walk in and walk out of your life everyday’ is not simply a line, it is an established fact, a way of life and I for one have found it at times hard to sometimes phantom the ideology behind it but then when you really take your time to think about it, it really is that simple.

Your happiness isn’t tied to the people around you, you are responsible for how you react to whatever energy they bring to you. Imagine spending a bit, not even a chunk, just a bit of your 24/7 trying to figure out why it is that negative energy is brought to your doorstep, or why pretense is the order of the day for some or why people do certain things in a certain way. Imagine wasting that precious time only to realize that you don’t control those vibes or energies they bring, but rather you control how you react to them.
Do you embrace them or do you push it away? Listen, I would love to have had a manual to live life, to understand why B comes after A and why D comes after C but to be honest if I did that on a regular I’d probably achieve 0.000000000000000000000001% of what I am looking for. Guess why? It’s not hard, life on earth is imbalanced and imperfect, simples. You are not going to be able to change it, it just is what it is. So people will come and go, some things of life will shock you but life will go on and rather than stay stagnant and ponder the ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’s’, keep it moving, evolve, work harder, be better. These days are not for pity parties or sentiments, like a quote I saw the other day, “Nobody cares, work harder”.

I am looking forward to what this next stage of life brings me, I am hopeful it is full of joy, but more importantly I hopeful it is full of blessings as I also embrace my spirituality more and more. All I can do is to switch up, switch in and play my part. My purpose is yet to be defined but as long as I can stay focus and not let the extras get in my head, I should be just fine. I’ll end this piece with an extract from one of my favorite hymns.

Father, I know that all my life,
Is portioned out for me,
And the changes that are sure to come,
I do not fear to see;
But I ask thee for a present mind,
Intent on pleasing Thee. (MHB 602)

God bless!!


Poetic State Of Mind

The Man…

I call him James Bond because he can do no wrong,

A legend who is of deserving of many accolades in
various art forms,
I sing the praises of a man who made me the man I
am today,
His legacy is a testimony of prayer, hard work,
dedication and consistency,
He taught me that life is beautiful, but it’s survival
of the fittest,
Always about the finish never about who was the
Nzema’s very own,
I am proud to be a seed of his own,
A seed sown to carry on the good name he carried
from generations of his own,
I aspire to have a heart like his,
To shower my seeds with a love like his,
To be a hero with or without a cape,
Be a 24/7 provider provided our Provider gives us
many days like this to live,
I am in awe of his greatness,
Times when I did not understand why he chose to
whip rather than hug it over when we went astray,
Should have known that was his way to keep us
His way to keep our formation in shape,
Indiscipline and naivety were etched out of our
personality traits,
This man is my biggest influence,
My biggest fan,
I am his biggest Stan but most importantly I am
proud of this man,
Not many can sit, stand or proclaim loudly of what
it means to have a man who is a god amongst the
A man of impeccable stature and humility,
A prayerful man, one whose composure even Pirlo
can never master,
On a day like this there simply aren’t enough
superlatives to describe his worth and how much of
a gift he is,
The man that is,
My master, my friend,
My god, my living legend,

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Poetic State Of Mind

Wrong Script…


We used to be friends,
We were like lovers the way we used to
kick it in the eyes of admirers and fiends,
I remember how we used to talk for hours
about everyone and their mama,
About loose talkers and all the twitter drama,
It’s funny how life packages and delivers karma
to our doorsteps,

The thing I liked about you the most was your
Your ability to keep it fresh like a Benji
equivalent of 478 Ghana Cedi,
You pulled no punches yet your hooks kept my
feet grounded,
I was dumbfounded by your wittiness,
A peculiar strength I am not ashamed to say I
aspire to acquire in similar vein,

You were like my homie and my mainstay,
If I ever fell in love again and don’t take this the
wrong way; but I’d pray she’d be a version point 2
of you but as your protegee,
How we fell apart still bemuses me,
Truly I never meant for the vibe to lose its potency,
All I ever wanted was for us to chop knuckles and
bless each other’s hustle,
Like Aaliyah and Timbo used to be,
Like Puff and MJB with that Bad boy synergy,
All I ever wanted was for our chemistry to be
funkadelic with that 90’s energy,

It’s a shame that I have lost the one person who
knows what loyalty means,
When you looked in my eyes and liberated yourself
I could tell you were heavily sedated in your feelings,
This roof that once protected our thoughts and emotions
no longer holds a glass ceiling,

If only you didn’t fall,
If only I caught you,
So many “if’s”, “but’s” and “maybes”,
It’s crazy we fell apart,
It’s mad because we looked the part,
It’s ridiculous because I never looked in the same light
that you did,
In the end I guess it is what is but I would give anything
to rewrite the script..