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92 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Acrimony’

Yeah this was me for most parts…

The JR Show

  1. I wonder if Denzel will play Taraji’s husband
  2. This lawyer is afraid of his client. I feel like Taraji has beaten him before
  3. Why do they have to make Taraji crazy so much of the time?
  4. I think she is actually crazy in this movie
  5. Do people really look that different between college and middle age?
  6. How are they going to find each other later? They didn’t have a good look at the other person when they bumped into each other
  7. Let me not think too much about how he found her room
  8. This roommate seems like she wants to fuck Robert. I hope she is not the one he cheats with
  9. Seriously? You think this guy is sexy? Ok
  10. How has no girl ever said, ‘let’s talk about you’ to me?
  11. How dumb is this chick? After all the tutoring you couldn’t even manage a D?
  12. Oh Tyler Perry!…

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Poetic State Of Mind

Ghanaian Queen (Fan Love)…

Brown skin,
She wins with what you’d call a sweet
caramel flavored melanin,
She is brilliant,
In thoughts that transcribe to words,
Her intellect is radiant,
Her beauty is just a quarter of physical
looks and three quarters mental and
spiritual aesthetics,
She finesses with no inferior complexes,
She is truly not unruly,
Fully embraces her culture but this
heroine wears no capes,
Wears her pride on her sleeve,
She is from a region that speaks royalty
but her ego is full of humility,
She’s the Yaa Asantewaa of this modern
Alice Annum with the Olympian spirit
Efua Sutherlands youth and Ama Ata
Aidoos protégée,
Who said she wasn’t destined to be great,
I beg to differ if one is to say he or she has
met a goddess that speaks courage, respect
and boldness in a language that isn’t cliché,
If you knew this woman you would ran
through brick walls for her,
Swim in the deepest and farthest ends of
the oceans for her,
Father the children of hers because let’s be
fair, there’s no angel on earth with a heart
that’s enough to power a continent like that
of hers,
She is God sent, a heavenly intervention
straight from Heaven to mend broken spirits
and for that she deserves the most accolades
and blessings,

She is our ultra light beam,
So here is to you, your highness, the
imperial Ghanaian Queen…

This piece was inspired by Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa (pic) whose motivational book “Unleash the ‘Gold’ Within” comes out soon. Kindly pre-order by calling +233242924005

Poetic State Of Mind

The Man…

I call him James Bond because he can do no wrong,

A legend who is of deserving of many accolades in
various art forms,
I sing the praises of a man who made me the man I
am today,
His legacy is a testimony of prayer, hard work,
dedication and consistency,
He taught me that life is beautiful, but it’s survival
of the fittest,
Always about the finish never about who was the
Nzema’s very own,
I am proud to be a seed of his own,
A seed sown to carry on the good name he carried
from generations of his own,
I aspire to have a heart like his,
To shower my seeds with a love like his,
To be a hero with or without a cape,
Be a 24/7 provider provided our Provider gives us
many days like this to live,
I am in awe of his greatness,
Times when I did not understand why he chose to
whip rather than hug it over when we went astray,
Should have known that was his way to keep us
His way to keep our formation in shape,
Indiscipline and naivety were etched out of our
personality traits,
This man is my biggest influence,
My biggest fan,
I am his biggest Stan but most importantly I am
proud of this man,
Not many can sit, stand or proclaim loudly of what
it means to have a man who is a god amongst the
A man of impeccable stature and humility,
A prayerful man, one whose composure even Pirlo
can never master,
On a day like this there simply aren’t enough
superlatives to describe his worth and how much of
a gift he is,
The man that is,
My master, my friend,
My god, my living legend,

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Poetic State Of Mind

Wrong Script…


We used to be friends,
We were like lovers the way we used to
kick it in the eyes of admirers and fiends,
I remember how we used to talk for hours
about everyone and their mama,
About loose talkers and all the twitter drama,
It’s funny how life packages and delivers karma
to our doorsteps,

The thing I liked about you the most was your
Your ability to keep it fresh like a Benji
equivalent of 478 Ghana Cedi,
You pulled no punches yet your hooks kept my
feet grounded,
I was dumbfounded by your wittiness,
A peculiar strength I am not ashamed to say I
aspire to acquire in similar vein,

You were like my homie and my mainstay,
If I ever fell in love again and don’t take this the
wrong way; but I’d pray she’d be a version point 2
of you but as your protegee,
How we fell apart still bemuses me,
Truly I never meant for the vibe to lose its potency,
All I ever wanted was for us to chop knuckles and
bless each other’s hustle,
Like Aaliyah and Timbo used to be,
Like Puff and MJB with that Bad boy synergy,
All I ever wanted was for our chemistry to be
funkadelic with that 90’s energy,

It’s a shame that I have lost the one person who
knows what loyalty means,
When you looked in my eyes and liberated yourself
I could tell you were heavily sedated in your feelings,
This roof that once protected our thoughts and emotions
no longer holds a glass ceiling,

If only you didn’t fall,
If only I caught you,
So many “if’s”, “but’s” and “maybes”,
It’s crazy we fell apart,
It’s mad because we looked the part,
It’s ridiculous because I never looked in the same light
that you did,
In the end I guess it is what is but I would give anything
to rewrite the script..


Poetic State Of Mind

The Switch Up…


You’re amazing in your own special way,
I look to the heavens and I’m glad you’re mine everyday,
By chance could you wrap up work early today?
I have a little surprise for you, happy birthday baby boo,

That was me 3mins ago,

Truth be told as I dipped into the dark trenches of my
pocket I was amazed to realize I had no pot of gold,
Just 1 bloodied note and a pair of loose change,
Suddenly I’m in a mood swing,
I need to fix this before my relationship turns into a
‘situationship’ real quick,
Loans racked like I was an investment and savings
The things we do for love even when we don’t have
sufficient money,

All of this and yet later I would come to gather she
was in the company of another man,
Life’s a bitch, the irony is almost as clear as day like
a skin tan,
Who would be a man this minute?
Be in love with this shit?
Search for perfection whilst dangling from a bottomless

Suddenly you feel resentment,
You blame your upbringing,
Start twitching and bitching over how girls are medusas,
vampires, maame waters and are only about dick fishing,
Yet you’re here allowing your feels to drip profusely when
you should be chasing the kudi,

They say communication makes it better,
As if she’s going to stay if you let her know that you haven’t
been paid for the months of January, February and even last
As if she’s going to support you and your process,
She’s already planning her next victim, hopping from dick
to dick like she’s on a Super Mario thing and you’re a pawn
in her game of chess,


Chale What a mess…

Poetic State Of Mind

The Oracle…


Nations gather to one place,
A place where dreams are made,
A place where the stakes could never be any
higher and failure is the grim reaper that awaits,
Where magic and creativity join forces to
procreate the most sublime poetry in motion you’ll
ever see,
This place I speak of is the Mecca of all sanctuaries,
The Holy grail of world domination,
The highest pinnacle of ecstasy,
Make a name for yourself and be mentioned along
men who have previously graced the stage and
etched their names amongst history,

The rise and the fall of many in this place have been
well documented and some still feel the joy and the
pain today,

Men like
Pelé in ’58
Baggio in ’94,
Ronaldo in ’02,
Klose in ’06,
Gyan in ’10,
An event that would bring tears to an entire continent,

Truly this place is never short of events,
So come June 14th in Russia,
All eyes lead to the place where boys become men,
Where a certain Messiah seeks for possibly one last
time to attain that one piece of history that seems to
elude him,
Where the god of 5 intercontinental planets also seeks to
break the myth that labels him,
Where the origins of the game aspire to channel their
inner beasts and the machinists vow to defend what’s
rightfully theirs,
There will be Samba’s dancing,
La Roja’s tiki taka’n,
Le bleus finessing with some va va voom,
Super Eagles shaku shaku’n,
We will be graced with the presence of an Egyptian
King and the wizardry of a Belgium prince,
With skills sets like panenkas, overhead kicks, rabonas,
No looks passes, you would swear this was an exhibiton

Ladies and gentlemen be prepared to be amazed,
This place is neither for the weak nor the faint hearted,
32nations will leave their artistry on the greenest of fields
and decide their own fate,
Only one will remain standing amongst the departed,
This place will be rocking, 1000s upon 1000s will either
cheer or be in tears and solemn,
Yes this is a place where you want to be,
Where celestial beings play like extraterrestrials,
Nothing is quite straightforward as it seems,

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over,
It’s time for all involved to show up,
Welcome to the place lit by an ultra light beam,

Welcome to the World Cup 2018..


Poetic State Of Mind



It was all a dream,

She stalked my page briefly,
I was on a roll, tweeting vicariously with no PG,
I was a savage but then again who wasn’t ?
The vibe on this twitter app was enough to get
you a sweet or a poison,
I was living a dream, socially interacting with
people over a virtual peripheral and it seemed
you could get away with any reckless behavior,

About this time I was struggling with the ideology
of love,
I mean…yeah love, you know, that phenomenon
that you swear it comes from up and above?
That high that has you constantly feeling like there’s
no ceiling that could contain your elevation of
happiness and satisfaction?
That vibe that creeps into your soul, possesses your
natural thoughts and exposes your emo’s,

Yet she came out of nowhere,
A fine melanin with a smile that led a believer
back into sin,
A body in a state of immaculate flourishing,
I mean that first DM had me full of grin,
She had been stalking me for a hot minute,
I had been in constant dialogue with my past
and as she came my way I was dealt with an almost
impossible task of choosing between the two lasses,

On one side was the reason I felt like I had never
fully let go of the pain of my very first break,
On the other side was the reason I was going to
start over a new page,
As easy as the decision was in hindsight, it could
have been better if my mind was punctured rather
than pushed with no force,

I chose to start over a new page,
She became my muse,
We tried this thing called love and my word was it
Passion and fire,
Separated by geographical locations due to
education, whenever we came together, our love
sparked off like a July 4th firework spectacular,
Like none your imagination could ever capture
It was all good baby baby like the late Biggie Smalls
would exclaim,

I had the bae that many wished was available for
rounds of pass that Dutch on the ash tray,
That was until that faithful November day,
The day my problems would seem a lot harder than
your President trying to phantom Kwesi Nyantakyi’s
total lack of order,

I still look back to this point as the day I realized I
went into this love thing with no handbrakes,
To be frozen out and left in limbo,
Thinking the ex that was was a momentarily pause
and I am still left to this day with the shock that my
name was stored as females…say what?

Four months of constant confusion,
Disillusioned with the state of affairs, I was rocked
aback in the next year to hear I had been evicted
from her atmosphere four months earlier with no
prior notice,
Disappointment was an understatement,
Murder was probably close to it,
To tell you the truth I didn’t even know what to call
it and I still do not know to this very day what you’d
call such an act of display,

I count my blessings each day because to be honest
there were times I never forgave myself for making
that wrong decision,
Times I struggled to forgive her for making that choice
of total submission,
That choice that led me to believe it was better for me
to start anew than resist any form of Sankofa blues,

Who knew?

It’s almost six years to the day,
I’ve been through hell and felt it’s pain,
I gave love a chance then and it’s never been the same,
Maybe it was for the best I went through this acid test,
I wonder if I could ever love again?