Poetic State Of Mind


Which way to go?

From the genesis, Adam and Eve were conceived with innocence,
Wisdom laid but not hatched, the basics were there yet that one alonte would not be spared of its curious nature,
Cut from different cloths we are individually unique,
Not just in physique but in mind and soul,
Paths generated by our instincts, values and goals,
You set the pace and the tone for how high you aspire to reach or how low you dig beneath your feet,
Kweku flies a Boeing for a living, Kofi is a drug peddling kingpin,
The aim is to win at life regardless of the hustle so ask yourself what choices have you made to put food on your plate?

They say life is about choices,
You rule the world with your thumb,
Misguided priorities has led us to believe that the world is a facebook where we rule the world based on hashtag lit flame emoji, flame emoji, flame emoji,
So deep with the shallow thinking theories,
Roll the dice and the chances are you will hit an even score but what’s more important?Advancing in this monopoly game of life or falling off this ladder because you were dithered in your steps by snakes disguised as friends?
Young man you were raised to be the head of your clan,
The protector of your breed, the proverbial breadwinner not the agege bread winner,
Failure is not an option but it will test your resolve a couple of times and when it does you need to show your metal,
You can not iron out your flaws, you can not photoshop nor Corel Draw undo mishaps but you can evolve,
Cut your losses but first your cloth according to your size and only then will your life fit in symmetry with your purpose,
Young woman you may be a descendant of Eve but that was generations ago,
What is more important is you let that flower inside you blossom to its full aura,
Let that light glow,
Not just the one upstairs but the one that separates you from the crowd-pleasers and the superficial hers,
Be the heroine that you desire to be and you may be inspired by pink prints and beyhives but b, be an authentic version that supersedes your wildest dreams,
Life is what you make it,
So when you make your own bed do not expect Kojo B3gye wo girl or Adjoa bie gya to change the sheets after your binge of atopa,
It’s making sense now you see,
That STD that followed after you replied that DM,
That goal you were sure the rubber had in control in between the posts,
That one Sunday morning you woke up robbed after 8PM,
Was a result of your negligence and suddenly you would rather your existence transformed into ghost,
Less is more but when you had options you choked and acted on the most,
Nullified advices and added on vices,
The thrills, the spills, ills and now you are in crisis,

And I would love to judge you just to spite you in wake of your tardiness but who am I better still whose life is it?


Poetic State Of Mind

Caged In…


I could have been a different soul,
I could have been in a different sole,
But why would I wear a size F cos loving you involves contravening my demeanor at best?Fascinated by the wild life, bound to a toxic relationship you claim is refined like a 1973 chardonnay,
A bitter taste I guess but none compared to what breathless feel this Cabernet Sauvignon can you give though?
I’m not here to Judge Judy you,
Judge Brown you out to public scrutiny,
I’m not here to Judge Binder you for your last penny,
You were once a strong woman,
The woman I used to know would bite back and bark at the gates against soul snatchers who posed as tenants of your love abode,
You would rather bark feebly and in fear against your tenants because you’re intoxicated with threats and faux pas ideas,
Take one good look at yourself,
Your freedom is priceless but your happiness is your wealth,
Spending days locked in a cell full of pains and flashbacks, rain soaked cheeks and heart attacks,
Maniacs emotionless with no care in the world because fuck boys are us who treat women like queens and the greatest trophy since the days of sippy cups,
I beg to differ when you say “I am not worthy of your love”,
It’s the simple things beyond the glam and the bling, beyond the whips and ca-ching, beyond the late night texts, the vociferous, wood breaking, body sparring sex, beyond the usual context, me loving you is simply a blessing that can not be easily put in an imaginable perspective,

How often do you get to be praised in all manner of ways,
The kind that reflects a goddess who was simply born and bred to reign,
The kind you envision your beautiful kids looking up and following according to,
The kind you know deeply in your heart bodes and speaks well of you,
A diamond in the rough or a rose to grow out of a concrete,
Either ways living in denial is not a one way escape to fort “I’m fine” when your path is flooded with thorns..love you are not okay,
Love you are not a slave,
You deserve a safe boot and and upgrade…


Poetic State Of Mind



Love you without a safety belt,
With no brake pads,
No airbags, loving you is synonymous to death but you’re the greatest feeling I could ever have,

The chassis of my soul requires no pass certification I’m ready to let go…
…of all inhibitions that seems to have my mind tripping,
Let these words bounce off the prism of your soul, my heart speaks to you in a form of rainbow,
I’m bolting for your love like Usain raining down in glory at Rio,
Racing in a Rio but I’m pretty sure my engine is German made,
I’m a little faded pardon my naivety my belle dame, 
Butterflies and bees, you’re a little perturbed with this feel good vibes I see,

I don’t mean to cause you displeasure,
I’m neither the perfect specimen, nor a priceless gift to treasure so I should know better than to unconsciously amp you with pressure,
However, on my forehead says “Never”,
My heart is etched with “forever” so in principle I will never quit till our stars are aligned together like the constellations in the sky forever,

You define me in languages I could never imagine,
Melanin has never looked nor sounded this  beautiful in French, English, German and Latin, 
I love your passion,
Your desires, your dreams and your will to continue; even when life tries to have you fold, you break even, one of the many reasons you have me beaming,

I want to hug you for days, 
Stare in your eyes in a non diminishing glaze,  and show you how in so many ways loving you has reignited me as a person, but revitalized my quest for perfection,
Indeed you are a blessing,
Can’t think God enough, 
In a time when I was stressing,
You were sent here as my my calming influence, to you I owe all of my affection,

I’m in a safe haven, I’m ready to take that leap of faith and…who better to be with than you…my feng shui, my muse, my beautiful….


Poetic State Of Mind

Gold Coast 2.0…

Dine with me as we dig in on the state of the country,The flag and land we uphold so dearly is being checked out of the relevance cart,
Redundant and fickle minded politicians politicking with resources and of course your president keeps bleeping horse…

SHIT! Just remembered my genset is out of fuel,

Time of this piece is currently 8:15pm,
Dumsor rears it’s unfazed non arsed self again,
Astronomical inflation means Nana Pobee needs to flip a coin to choose between candles and darkness for fucks sake,
Life’s not fair even from a bleached out perspective,

The Gold Coast as we know it has become a broken vessel,
Rid of its navigation and coordinates by a crew that have their priorities misplaced,
We used to be a nation full of greats,
GREAT standing for Galvanizing Revolutionary Enigmatic Astounding Teachers,
Teachers not dictators,
Teachers not dick takers,
From probability to debt,
From green to red,
Yet we have nonce’s ruling us according to 12inch measurement sticks rather than sticking to the scripts,
Ruling us with their genitalia rather than their medula oblongata,

A sad instance of a father birthing a gem that grew into a bastard in the end,
What we have become only makes sense in the “had i known” tense,
Had I known to have picked my thumb out of my ass rather than depend on incorrigible men,
Had I known that taking bribes across borders would only rubber-stamp my tenure as a morgue of corruptible ties,

Why lie before men of your faith in the Most High,
Before men who rule by the thumb and not by the pen?
Before men who irrespective of the fact that the cedi can not appreciate the pound, dollar, euro or the yen, wake up early hours daily to tie up loose ends,

We need more than a savior,
More than elephants beneath multi colored umbrellas,
More than chickens to avoid these fouls,
We need a plan, we need unity, we need seeds of wisdom to grow on this land plough thoroughly,
A reason to still believe in the remedy the GREAT Nkrumah developed without the laws and principles of chemistry,

We long for redefined memories, refined history, we demand a Gold Coast 2.0 by any means necessary…

Poetic State Of Mind

Subtle Approach…

Summer time fine, she tastes just like wine,
And I’m hoping to make her mine but I’m not even sure if we’re perfectly inclined?
In a parallel world we wouldn’t care,
We’d just bear each other’s crosses , share our losses after all love is about choices and irrespective of he say, she say, we soar and slay in the sky like Royal air forces,
But that was yesterday, It seems these days marriage is a fashion for days,
Like that new pair Yeezy’s or Loubs you fail to cut your coat according to so you go in with a win win mentality but when lose lose becomes a reality you turn to lucifer for closure and clarity,
An immaculate misconception and disparity,
My father told me about 30mins ago to know yourself , then know her from coal before you hit that button to go,
Know her from coal,
So basically if she’s already sparked chances are she’s looking for flames in the name of money , clothes and fame,
She wants to be loved by material circumstances,
Her stance is your love has to speak in cedi, pound , euro, dollar, yen or forget your chances,
Your advances mean nothing when your cheques bounces and your bank accounts don’t have enough balances,
What happened to team effort?
What happened to let me be the root and you be the branch?
Can we not feed off each other when rain and sunlight switch positions under cloudy covers?
We are here bickering and fighting ,
Yelling at each other with fists clinched like you were Holyfield and I was Tyson,
Should have known you weren’t the one when you drank your tea with no sugar,
Regrets of a naive man who’s sudden realization just makes the taste in his mouth more bitter,
I love her but I may have to reconsider,
Assess her and not her assets, Access her soul and not her soft jello,
So b, don’t let your pride sting in the quest of finding yourself,
You’re way richer in heart than any material wealth,
In sickness or health we could be the perfect tonic to prolong our longevity,
There’s no better feeling than reeling in the moment , knowing you grew a rose from the concrete…

Poetic State Of Mind

Bottom Line**

The most intriguing aspect of life is desiring that which we can not have. Not because they tell us we can’t, but because irrespective of the lengths and breadth we go through, those cards won’t fold.

I was thinking just the other day about the number of tries and effort I had made in getting a suitable girlfriend amongst a certain group of girls and none of them gave a sniff.

It is actually funny because after a while you start to question whether you’re the problem or whether the problem is them but in actual fact, it’s neither both.

Think of going back to that time when you wanted something so badly, so you cried, pushed heaven and earth, went through a lot of pain to get that one thing; could have been an autograph, a game console, a school grade, but irrespective of how hard you tried, your best wasn’t enough.

Now before you tackle me with the “but school grades are attainable if you study hard” line, remember that some subjects some grades were a taboo to get. You know, those ones where legend says “only 1 person in 15-20yrs managed to get that grade”, yeah that one. That’s beside the point though.

The problem here is accepting the inevitable, the result, the fact that 9.9999999999999 times out of 10, when you throw that ball against the wall, provided it is full of air, its bound to bounce back at you rather than drop dead instantly.

Acceptance in the pursuit of substance or in the quest to fulfill a satiable or insatiable desire or need is sometimes the mother of all conundrums. OK I get it, why shouldn’t it be you? Why shouldn’t it be that? What’s wrong?

Answer: Nothing!

I’m reminded of a local proverbial quote that says not all five fingers are the same and just because Kofi has this, Ama has that or Kwesi has her, Adjoa has him does not necessarily mean it’s your divine right to follow suit. In a parallel universe, yes but let’s not kid ourselves here, no two humans (barring identical twins) were born alike.

Maybe a look in a different direction can provide the solution you need. Perhaps patience is also a viable maybe clearer option to hold onto but whatever you end up believing in, please please learn to let accept and then let go and vice versa.

Afterall, the universe was designed to present us with options, some of which we are accessible to and others not so much.

Poetic State Of Mind

Perspective #2015

The first day of the last month of the rest of our lives.

I reflect over this year as having been pretty much average. Not because I failed to live but because expectations set were not met. I find solace however in knowing that the little things did not abandon me. Like being able to wake up to see a new day since Jan. 1.

It has been an uphill task for some of us, and for most of us it has been a thrill but regardless of all these, one question remains, did you get any closer to fulfilling your purpose? And if you did, or if you have how are you affecting lives with that purpose?

For those of us who have not been able to do neither both, this is not a time for pity parties or crusades, it is time to look forward to the next year. Look forward to it by ending this year on a positive note.

The last hurrah could be the first standing ovation that leads to many accolades and recognition so do not hold back. Go full steam!

Then there are those of us who either failed to find love or found love but failed to work things out or completely got sidelined. Listen love is a beautiful thing and once you find it, best be ready to give in your 100% and watch that effort reap results in the long haul.

If you are amongst the percentage that failed to find it, that is OK because time and patience are in sync and remember He that makes all things beautiful and glorious in His own time will definitely make your world in that respect beautiful as well. Do not fret it! Rather, spread love to those around you. Appreciate all the days not only the day ones.

As we start this last month of this year I need you to put things in perspective. Be thankful of the life you have now. I mean sure you are ambitious but the baby steps have not damaged nor destroyed your progress have they? Be mindful that you are a visionary, an artist, a healer and you have nothing but love to give, most importantly you are destined to reign.

You will accomplish greater things in the coming year, you will find yourself and you will help others find themselves as well. You will find love and love will find in itself a comfy place to dwell within your heart and in good or bad times you will neither stumble, nor fall and even if you do you will rise higher.

I pray for this for you. #BlessingsToYouAndYours