Poetic State Of Mind

The Switch Up…


You’re amazing in your own special way,
I look to the heavens and I’m glad you’re mine everyday,
By chance could you wrap up work early today?
I have a little surprise for you, happy birthday baby boo,

That was me 3mins ago,

Truth be told as I dipped into the dark trenches of my
pocket I was amazed to realize I had no pot of gold,
Just 1 bloodied note and a pair of loose change,
Suddenly I’m in a mood swing,
I need to fix this before my relationship turns into a
‘situationship’ real quick,
Loans racked like I was an investment and savings
The things we do for love even when we don’t have
sufficient money,

All of this and yet later I would come to gather she
was in the company of another man,
Life’s a bitch, the irony is almost as clear as day like
a skin tan,
Who would be a man this minute?
Be in love with this shit?
Search for perfection whilst dangling from a bottomless

Suddenly you feel resentment,
You blame your upbringing,
Start twitching and bitching over how girls are medusas,
vampires, maame waters and are only about dick fishing,
Yet you’re here allowing your feels to drip profusely when
you should be chasing the kudi,

They say communication makes it better,
As if she’s going to stay if you let her know that you haven’t
been paid for the months of January, February and even last
As if she’s going to support you and your process,
She’s already planning her next victim, hopping from dick
to dick like she’s on a Super Mario thing and you’re a pawn
in her game of chess,


Chale What a mess…

Poetic State Of Mind

The Oracle…


Nations gather to one place,
A place where dreams are made,
A place where the stakes could never be any
higher and failure is the grim reaper that awaits,
Where magic and creativity join forces to
procreate the most sublime poetry in motion you’ll
ever see,
This place I speak of is the Mecca of all sanctuaries,
The Holy grail of world domination,
The highest pinnacle of ecstasy,
Make a name for yourself and be mentioned along
men who have previously graced the stage and
etched their names amongst history,

The rise and the fall of many in this place have been
well documented and some still feel the joy and the
pain today,

Men like
Pelé in ’58
Baggio in ’94,
Ronaldo in ’02,
Klose in ’06,
Gyan in ’10,
An event that would bring tears to an entire continent,

Truly this place is never short of events,
So come June 14th in Russia,
All eyes lead to the place where boys become men,
Where a certain Messiah seeks for possibly one last
time to attain that one piece of history that seems to
elude him,
Where the god of 5 intercontinental planets also seeks to
break the myth that labels him,
Where the origins of the game aspire to channel their
inner beasts and the machinists vow to defend what’s
rightfully theirs,
There will be Samba’s dancing,
La Roja’s tiki taka’n,
Le bleus finessing with some va va voom,
Super Eagles shaku shaku’n,
We will be graced with the presence of an Egyptian
King and the wizardry of a Belgium prince,
With skills sets like panenkas, overhead kicks, rabonas,
No looks passes, you would swear this was an exhibiton

Ladies and gentlemen be prepared to be amazed,
This place is neither for the weak nor the faint hearted,
32nations will leave their artistry on the greenest of fields
and decide their own fate,
Only one will remain standing amongst the departed,
This place will be rocking, 1000s upon 1000s will either
cheer or be in tears and solemn,
Yes this is a place where you want to be,
Where celestial beings play like extraterrestrials,
Nothing is quite straightforward as it seems,

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over,
It’s time for all involved to show up,
Welcome to the place lit by an ultra light beam,

Welcome to the World Cup 2018..


Poetic State Of Mind



It was all a dream,

She stalked my page briefly,
I was on a roll, tweeting vicariously with no PG,
I was a savage but then again who wasn’t ?
The vibe on this twitter app was enough to get
you a sweet or a poison,
I was living a dream, socially interacting with
people over a virtual peripheral and it seemed
you could get away with any reckless behavior,

About this time I was struggling with the ideology
of love,
I mean…yeah love, you know, that phenomenon
that you swear it comes from up and above?
That high that has you constantly feeling like there’s
no ceiling that could contain your elevation of
happiness and satisfaction?
That vibe that creeps into your soul, possesses your
natural thoughts and exposes your emo’s,

Yet she came out of nowhere,
A fine melanin with a smile that led a believer
back into sin,
A body in a state of immaculate flourishing,
I mean that first DM had me full of grin,
She had been stalking me for a hot minute,
I had been in constant dialogue with my past
and as she came my way I was dealt with an almost
impossible task of choosing between the two lasses,

On one side was the reason I felt like I had never
fully let go of the pain of my very first break,
On the other side was the reason I was going to
start over a new page,
As easy as the decision was in hindsight, it could
have been better if my mind was punctured rather
than pushed with no force,

I chose to start over a new page,
She became my muse,
We tried this thing called love and my word was it
Passion and fire,
Separated by geographical locations due to
education, whenever we came together, our love
sparked off like a July 4th firework spectacular,
Like none your imagination could ever capture
It was all good baby baby like the late Biggie Smalls
would exclaim,

I had the bae that many wished was available for
rounds of pass that Dutch on the ash tray,
That was until that faithful November day,
The day my problems would seem a lot harder than
your President trying to phantom Kwesi Nyantakyi’s
total lack of order,

I still look back to this point as the day I realized I
went into this love thing with no handbrakes,
To be frozen out and left in limbo,
Thinking the ex that was was a momentarily pause
and I am still left to this day with the shock that my
name was stored as females…say what?

Four months of constant confusion,
Disillusioned with the state of affairs, I was rocked
aback in the next year to hear I had been evicted
from her atmosphere four months earlier with no
prior notice,
Disappointment was an understatement,
Murder was probably close to it,
To tell you the truth I didn’t even know what to call
it and I still do not know to this very day what you’d
call such an act of display,

I count my blessings each day because to be honest
there were times I never forgave myself for making
that wrong decision,
Times I struggled to forgive her for making that choice
of total submission,
That choice that led me to believe it was better for me
to start anew than resist any form of Sankofa blues,

Who knew?

It’s almost six years to the day,
I’ve been through hell and felt it’s pain,
I gave love a chance then and it’s never been the same,
Maybe it was for the best I went through this acid test,
I wonder if I could ever love again?

Poetic State Of Mind


Little Gai
Dear Nana,

Another milestone today but yet you’re feeling
short of praise,
You are probably thinking “Couldn’t it have
waited for another day?”
The man you desire to be is still fashionably late
to the scene but who you woke up today to become
is an testament to how far you have come.

From the first cries, to dropping that hand brake
lever that would eventually lead to crashing the
wall that divided us from the neighbors,
To your first crush back in primary/JHS,
To that first love that warranted communication
from across the borders,
To that graduation that seemed a tall order,
You’ve seen it all, Yet here you are,
The last of two, with a purpose awaiting patiently
for you to fit in like a pair of new shoes,
You’ve made mistakes, you’ve lost your way,
Times when thought you had hit a dead end, God
created an apian way,

A milestone today but I know you still feel like you
could go back to when you were still like this,
A time when all you cared for was Sega Mastersystems,
Mega Drives and playing a round of small poles with
Kwaku Gyasi, Isaka and Kwesi Sam,
A time when Uncle Edward would bear gifts under
the tree,

‘Under the tree’ another funny name to go down in
your history,
Grandpa Jones said it best when he told you ‘Kwabotwe
first and the rest’.
You took his advice and I wish you could see his face
still beaming with pride,
Love has given you joy and pain and it’s on days like
this I’m sure you wish you probably had that someone
to ease the emotions of how you feel,
Just know that love is real and it might be elusive of you
for now but when it’s your time to go, I know no one will
be prouder of their soulmate than you and that’s more
than just a vow,
Promise to hold onto the values that have brought you
Continue to love and respect your parents and pay them
back generously when you blow up eventually,
Never damage that bond and chemistry between you and
your brother even on days you fail to understand each
other comprehensively,
Stay true to the day ones, like the ‘06 group from SMDP,
You are soon going to tell the world about how we were,
and about where we are going,
Don’t lose your focus and drive,
Remember to always live in the moment,
You’ve lost some battles, lost friends and families, lost
units you thought were your Ying to your Yang but still
you stand here on this day, alive and proud.
You’ll make a great father, just remember the values
and principles of your own father,

Love, provide, pray and advice,
Infidelity? A temptation that should never suffice,

You’ve got pretty much all you need and I am under
no illusions that irrespective of the number of times you
fall, you’ll rise up to succeed,
Do not be scared, do not be afraid as you venture into
this realm of unknown,
Let God light your sidewalks of your road, Let His word
be centered around you as you take this massive leap,

When in doubt, always refer to this letter,

Happy Birthday
from the kid born in House Number A493/18, Dansoman
who once had a dream!

Poetic State Of Mind

No Regrets…


I am a crossbreed of gifted and greatest,
A saint from the west of a vast land,
My roots are laid parallel like braids on her,
I yearn for freedom,
My expectations are no lesser today than they
were yesterday,
I wake with hope that this land overpowers the
choke-hold it finds itself in,
That people believe in the letters U N I TY rather
than cry foul over the establishments and successes
of ordinary persons like U n I,

I strive with a sort of 9-5 grind though I finesses
words on paper,
Not a legend yet but I constantly brew pieces of
I say it as it is no hold backs,
No Anyidaho in my spirit though I write to give
my brothers and sisters the vim to have their own
voices back,
By any means necessary, our time here won’t be
spent being petty,
Won’t be spent acquiring PhD’s to PHD others,
the dream was always to stick together,

I relish the day racism will be a thing of distant
An urn of ashes swallowed by the souls of our
ancestors who hear our cries and bear a portion
of our pain,
Do you see, feel or hear that rain?
Those tears beating our roofing sheets,
Pounding the earth and flooding each and every
corner of our streets,
Let it be known those tears are the reason we are
still here,
I mean yeah many have perished but for what is
worth you are still here,
Still searching for that Nirvana, that pot of gold,
Still stacking bricks to be the landlord not the tenant
always against the ropes,
Still not giving a flying flip over how long the road is
to get to the summit,
If Afadjato can be conquered then trust me, the
obstacles in our way don’t want none of this,

Just like you, me and the man sitting next to
my man,
Truly we can,
Force tomorrow not because it’s not promised but
because we were built for it,
Face tomorrow because today just like yesterday
we lived,
we learned and we rose through ashes irrespective
of falls and gains,
Through wires and hell-bound fires we stand not burnt,
Kings and Queens and our competition is a toss up
between the images in the mirror and our silhouettes
it seems,
Rise above it all we will and if it’s meant to be, then
surely we will kill;

All limits,
All threats,
No dilemmas,
No regrets

Poetic State Of Mind



40 Days faith tested,
Dear God I’ve been reborn after a hard reset,
Trials and tribulations,
Scars and healing,
For where would I be without your love,
Probably not breathing,
Change was needed,
My brakes needed tweaking,
My spirit needed more belief and..
…my soul needed more Jesus feeling,
The curse of my youth had me tripping..blinded
without a veil,
Concealed like spots on a face not beat,
Numb and weak, nothing felt real,
I raised my voice that night on 14-02,
Lord show me the way to glorify you,
He obliged and as I went through the motions my
spiritual emotions were awoken,
My demons were full of pain and agony,
I saw death, but I felt victory, a tug of war for my
souls custody,
I battled by day and recovered by night,
I felt joy through His word and by His son’s stripes
my transgressions and demons took flight,
I can’t explain what it is or what it was but I am most
Another chance to live but this time in His glory,
For this reset, I am most able,
40 Days faith tested, I smile because I am free,
For what is life without His love,
His grace and unwavering mercies?

Poetic State Of Mind

M.anifest Became Ralph Ellison On ‘Invisible Man’



On September 8 2016, rapper M.anifest released his fifth studio album, ‘’Nowhere Cool’’. Events surrounding the release of the album helped elevate ‘’Nowhere Cool’’ to the level of ‘most anticipated album’ for one key reason: curiosity following his battle with Sarkodie.

Last year, June 30th, M.anifest overtly called out Sarkodie, arguably Ghana’s best musical export in the last decade on ‘god MC’; a diss song that earned M.anifest both national attention and new fans. ‘god MC’ was considered by fans of Sarkodie as an act of drawing a line in the sand, with M.anifest assuming the crown as Sarkodie’s chief nemesis.

On the song ‘’god MC’’, he hinted: ‘Nowhere Cool is a game changer’. The collection of short stories (of the same name) by renowned author and poet Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo inspired ‘’Nowhere Cool’’, the album. The novel recounts the journey of a young woman who left the shores…

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