Subtle Approach…

Summer time fine, she tastes just like wine,
And I’m hoping to make her mine but I’m not even sure if we’re perfectly inclined?
In a parallel world we wouldn’t care,
We’d just bear each other’s crosses , share our losses after all love is about choices and irrespective of he say, she say, we soar and slay in the sky like Royal air forces,
But that was yesterday, It seems these days marriage is a fashion for days,
Like that new pair Yeezy’s or Loubs you fail to cut your coat according to so you go in with a win win mentality but when lose lose becomes a reality you turn to lucifer for closure and clarity,
An immaculate misconception and disparity,
My father told me about 30mins ago to know yourself , then know her from coal before you hit that button to go,
Know her from coal,
So basically if she’s already sparked chances are she’s looking for flames in the name of money , clothes and fame,
She wants to be loved by material circumstances,
Her stance is your love has to speak in cedi, pound , euro, dollar, yen or forget your chances,
Your advances mean nothing when your cheques bounces and your bank accounts don’t have enough balances,
What happened to team effort?
What happened to let me be the root and you be the branch?
Can we not feed off each other when rain and sunlight switch positions under cloudy covers?
We are here bickering and fighting ,
Yelling at each other with fists clinched like you were Holyfield and I was Tyson,
Should have known you weren’t the one when you drank your tea with no sugar,
Regrets of a naive man who’s sudden realization just makes the taste in his mouth more bitter,
I love her but I may have to reconsider,
Assess her and not her assets, Access her soul and not her soft jello,
So b, don’t let your pride sting in the quest of finding yourself,
You’re way richer in heart than any material wealth,
In sickness or health we could be the perfect tonic to prolong our longevity,
There’s no better feeling than reeling in the moment , knowing you grew a rose from the concrete…

Bottom Line**

The most intriguing aspect of life is desiring that which we can not have. Not because they tell us we can’t, but because irrespective of the lengths and breadth we go through, those cards won’t fold.

I was thinking just the other day about the number of tries and effort I had made in getting a suitable girlfriend amongst a certain group of girls and none of them gave a sniff.

It is actually funny because after a while you start to question whether you’re the problem or whether the problem is them but in actual fact, it’s neither both.

Think of going back to that time when you wanted something so badly, so you cried, pushed heaven and earth, went through a lot of pain to get that one thing; could have been an autograph, a game console, a school grade, but irrespective of how hard you tried, your best wasn’t enough.

Now before you tackle me with the “but school grades are attainable if you study hard” line, remember that some subjects some grades were a taboo to get. You know, those ones where legend says “only 1 person in 15-20yrs managed to get that grade”, yeah that one. That’s beside the point though.

The problem here is accepting the inevitable, the result, the fact that 9.9999999999999 times out of 10, when you throw that ball against the wall, provided it is full of air, its bound to bounce back at you rather than drop dead instantly.

Acceptance in the pursuit of substance or in the quest to fulfill a satiable or insatiable desire or need is sometimes the mother of all conundrums. OK I get it, why shouldn’t it be you? Why shouldn’t it be that? What’s wrong?

Answer: Nothing!

I’m reminded of a local proverbial quote that says not all five fingers are the same and just because Kofi has this, Ama has that or Kwesi has her, Adjoa has him does not necessarily mean it’s your divine right to follow suit. In a parallel universe, yes but let’s not kid ourselves here, no two humans (barring identical twins) were born alike.

Maybe a look in a different direction can provide the solution you need. Perhaps patience is also a viable maybe clearer option to hold onto but whatever you end up believing in, please please learn to let accept and then let go and vice versa.

Afterall, the universe was designed to present us with options, some of which we are accessible to and others not so much.

Perspective #2015

The first day of the last month of the rest of our lives.

I reflect over this year as having been pretty much average. Not because I failed to live but because expectations set were not met. I find solace however in knowing that the little things did not abandon me. Like being able to wake up to see a new day since Jan. 1.

It has been an uphill task for some of us, and for most of us it has been a thrill but regardless of all these, one question remains, did you get any closer to fulfilling your purpose? And if you did, or if you have how are you affecting lives with that purpose?

For those of us who have not been able to do neither both, this is not a time for pity parties or crusades, it is time to look forward to the next year. Look forward to it by ending this year on a positive note.

The last hurrah could be the first standing ovation that leads to many accolades and recognition so do not hold back. Go full steam!

Then there are those of us who either failed to find love or found love but failed to work things out or completely got sidelined. Listen love is a beautiful thing and once you find it, best be ready to give in your 100% and watch that effort reap results in the long haul.

If you are amongst the percentage that failed to find it, that is OK because time and patience are in sync and remember He that makes all things beautiful and glorious in His own time will definitely make your world in that respect beautiful as well. Do not fret it! Rather, spread love to those around you. Appreciate all the days not only the day ones.

As we start this last month of this year I need you to put things in perspective. Be thankful of the life you have now. I mean sure you are ambitious but the baby steps have not damaged nor destroyed your progress have they? Be mindful that you are a visionary, an artist, a healer and you have nothing but love to give, most importantly you are destined to reign.

You will accomplish greater things in the coming year, you will find yourself and you will help others find themselves as well. You will find love and love will find in itself a comfy place to dwell within your heart and in good or bad times you will neither stumble, nor fall and even if you do you will rise higher.

I pray for this for you. #BlessingsToYouAndYours


This is probably lame, maybe a joke, but what the hell, here goes nothing…

I’ve liked you from day one, from the bars we spat, who knew I’d get so attached?
With your style, persona, your skin scented and glistening like a fresh bar of Rexona?
Hol up!

That was supposed to be Nivea but you get the picture

Honestly I could give you a thousand reasons as to why I would like you to be with me,

Why I want to be with you, but words are only 10% of what the heart feels,  90% in the flesh could say more,

But I ask myself, what more could I possibly say or do to someone who could possibly do all by herself?

I don’t live in a rented space,
Or drive the latest Mercedes,
A 2010 corolla with worn out speakers,
Creeks in the Bass,

Just a guy with a dream to work like a slave never mind eat like a king,
If God for us love tell us why the picture frame can’t have a developed negative of us?

Material things don’t mean a thing to you and truthfully that’s a beautiful thing in itself,
Be the spark for my change,
A Pac full of Janet,
Poetically justifying how a proclaimed dadabee and a queen can magically procreate a beautiful & timeless love story,

I want to be the reason you smile,
The reason you get mad,
The reason you want to shit on everybody because irrespective of the number of times I may get on your very last nerves,
No one can sit back and not say she doesn’t deserve that jerk,

For better or worse,
Here and now I put you first,
I’ll fluctuate your emotions like an Engineer at ECG,
Load shed your days with pain and happiness till you rip out your hair,
cuss me out and curse the day you agreed to be with me,

Plant kisses on your forehead,
Watch you wake up gracefully at dawn and sleep peacefully at sunset,

Blessed beyond measure beyond the proverbial context

Your beauty alone didn’t attract me, for what’s beauty without a pretty personality?
That which stands above but not beyond God’s craftiness and handiwork,

That reply to my DM never came,
Honesty might not be your cup of tea,
Though I’d appreciate if you blatantly told me piss off to the next life,
No shame,

They say I’m a fool for trying,
They say I’m too weak for you,
Too deep to comprehend your principles and values,
Too dry to keep you wet during conversations and interests,
So in effect I should give up,
Let go of what is an unattainable quest,

Except what they fail to forget is its better to have fought for than later on regret what could have been,

So here and now I ask you to express what it is that you feel within?
I’m ready to give you and risk my all,
Are you prepared to let me catch your fall?

Virtuous Vixen (Encore)…

” She is beautiful, love the colour of her eyes,
Melanin skin tone sending shivers right down to every inch of my bone,
An intelligent woman, dedicated to the art of winning,
Whether its family, love or Christ you can not prize away her joy,
Her peace, by the quiet waters she sits as she contemplates what her life could be,
Plotting her next act of servitude to humanity and I ask..why can’t all women be blessed like her,
She…is earth wind and fire, she possesses the world at her feet,
From her head down to her toe, she desires to remain faithful to that which only preserves her identity,
Many would have loved to pluck rather than wait for the apple to fall down from the tree,
But in her garden lies a sanctuary, no entry nor keep off signs, just a note that reads,
“Not a girl, not yet a woman” so please please, respect her privacy,
Diligence, industry hard work has never been made to look so effortless, easy and pretty,
She is a symbol of a queen with a hint of Cinderella without the fashion and flare,
Without the $500 pair of red bottoms, why care of material possessions when you have a soul that’s priceless?
The motherly love, the perfect imperfections of a wife tailored to let you see life from a dusty to shiny peripheral,
To let you see that no matter the magnitude of the fall, the weight of the world on your shoulders, there’s a hand shaped in a form of a wing, a voice in the mould of angel waiting to lift you from the rubble,
To uplift you with songs of Psalms,
Let it be known, that as you sit pondering who she is, be under no illusions that she’s the best thing since sliced bread,
Scratch that, the sweetest thing, none that can ever be compared to,
She is God’s greatest gift, virtuous is her name…”

Isn’t She Lovely…

Brown eyes I fell in love with her focus,
Her drive, her spirit felt by her energy,
Like a fusion of fire crackers and explosives,
This chemistry is radioactive,
She is neither here nor there,
Neither melanin nor fair,
With keys to my soul the way she soulfully plays me A minor in full glare,
She teaches me that love is simply not an affection or blessing of her pear shaped temple,
though I’m stressing to come to terms with the finesse and perfection at how intricately her curves were sketched and as if by design I’m ushered into a zone of confessions,
I respect her “come up”, her upbringing,
Her faith and how in James 1:3, she stays winning,
Not your perfect specimen,
She like every Kofi, Kweku and Ama has been casted in every drama since Adam,
Comparisons with biblical referencing,
Eve for seduction, Jezebel for deception,
If you can see her past her flaws you could see she is a rose waiting to be plucked from concrete,
The shiniest amongst constellations,
Even at her worst, her endeavour is simply not up for debating,
As brittle as she may be physically,
Mentally she’s tough as nails,
Her smile like the ray of sunlight that pierces through grey clouds right in the midst of a storm,
I am in awe of her elegance,
The warmth of her presence, the wisdom and humility in her speech, gorgeous traits in opulence..
It is true that many like me and you may not be fit to kiss her hand or fit her feet in the glass shoe,
Even without an MU or an FC treatment she effortlessly stays hot like the devil’s deep end,
She’s His gift to us, the Monalisa painted from the canvas without blemish,
The definition of all things pure and beautiful,
Isn’t she lovely?


The Pessimist…

No pity parties no dirges,
Its me against the world and only God they say can judge us,
I stand here today in the wake of my shortcomings,

I’m on the verge of embracing who I’m becoming, realizing that when the odds are stacked, you’re either a domino or a chip,
I’m trying to cash out my way to success,
Buy out loneliness only to gain exhaustible friends and meaningless relationships cot damn,

I’m trying to find that silver lining while risking the momentum and time of this EKG line,
I’m puffing on this smoke knowing very well I’m stabbing vapours through my chest,
An asshole at best and I wonder why i think lesser of myself when it comes to deeper feelings with regards to the opposite sex,

Like I said…I’m an asshole at best,

That’s why rather than being grateful for the littlest of things I sit here pitiful with hate,
A pit full of sour grapes when I could embrace contentment I’d rather be a snake,
Lose conscience of my concerns,
Dwell deep into a pool sedated with negligence and nonsense,
To where though?

In 5yrs where do you want to be,
5yrs ago I was living the dream,
Now it seems reality has become my grim reaper punching holes in my thought process,

What if all this is just a figment of my imagination,
Scribbling illusions on unfinished paintings,
Critiquing unearthed masterpieces that are already etched in history?
What if I’m blacking out momentarily cause I need the world for a minute just to hear me?

Some say its weakness,
They call you a “pussy” though you have no Caitlin Jener features,
My faith day in, day out is tested,
I’m a depressed soul and the preacher who’s supposed to help me let go is an addict,
Reading his P&P, putting hands up skirts and pulling strings from the offertory like I ought to be an atheist with all this fuckery,

From infancy we warned about that strange fruit,
That forbidden tree, the correlation between disobedience and dishonesty has left me like many others before and currently with an Everest of a task,
But by design we were built for this,
If I ain’t shit then so are the architects that built me up from a dozen thrusts, semen splatters, and egg whites,

To hell with this bullshit..


Sincerely… Marilyn

She was sun kissed,
A glowing beauty of a billion stars,
She is by far…my peace on the horizon,
In a perfect world I would waltz her toe to toe,
Or be a G and grind her till our bodies were soaked but chill..
I’m just an average Joe and she is not your average Marilyn,
Miss Monroe you are my addiction,
My cocaine in St. Lucia, you are my meditation,
My muse heal me with your caressing temple while I praise you like a real man should,
She said..”Let me cater to you like a child of destiny, it is my duty.”
I was in too deep but the urge was like what cigarette is to your kidneys,
Painful pleasure…
You seek a strong boned, strong willed, thrust full of adrenalin but Marilyn your pleasure is your glorifying sin and will be your coffin…slow down,
As she lives the wildness of fame and ice,
Lowly cries at night fills her nest,
This is more than she bargains for, she wants the bright light but can’t see her star and is a few steps away from a mighty fall,
How sure?
How…what more? What more is it that you seek?
You have tasted the seven deadliest of sins and I’m the 8th,
I’m inclined to be the linchpin of your head and heart…perhaps we are meant to be but subtly, perhaps we are just each others fantasies,
What you do to me can not be described in any lines of this piece,
Its a vague but clamouring energy, drifting me mentally to places my soul would rather trip before my feet,
Oh yesterday, you shone like an angel lighting my darkest pasts,
You chose to sacrifice your peace of mind for a “till death do we apart” season 4 episode 1 till our bones scored credits 6ft down I wonder how did you rather become my anchor?
Will you hold in the storms of my life?
Will you be everything more than just the tag name “wife”?
You’re abusing me, bruising me, healing me, Messi’ng with my head, nutmegging the emotions out of me,
Its killing, but thrilling, I’m souled to your uplifting,
Sold to the idea of your light grace and my dark sin procreating an offspring with the power to walk waters, carry crosses past borders that blasphemous men could never speak nor dream off,
Stay with me if only just one night,
It is you I desire, you I acquire and if hells fire burns ferociously in anticipation of what may happen when our two worlds meet,
Then to hell with it, lets smoke these rose bushes and sail in all white to the devils creek…



Appellations, appellations reverberate; through corridors, acapellas with neither bass, drums nor melodies,
Sounds for your soul, are you willing to let it control you though?

These are the times when men and women, visionaries of wisdom unite and speak,
When words are translated into verbal motions,
Your hearts and minds wide open, hoping for that line that temporarily leaves you choking,
Gasping for air like…how did you just do that there?

But its neither about the rhymes,
Neither about the slick, sexy, lines that intertwines and stimulates your ears confines, its about seeking within the surface,
Searching for that deeper meaning that peak reasoning,
That thought provoking bar you try to reach out to hold but can’t cause in the end, you’re mesmorized by its codes,

That’s what this game is all about,
They say we play with words,
They say we fornicate with them,
Rape then refine them and rape you because we are truly assholes with philosophical mindsets of trying to bust a nut inside your conscience,

A mans idea of a threesome is to capture you in between his thoughts and these words,
So while you listen and snap your fingers repeatedly,
Let it be known that’s your brain reacting to this chemistry,

When I speak, you listen,
When I bleet these words, your mind, heart and soul gives in,

You’re a slave with no shackles,
You could easily decide to fall on deaf ears, but you’re the lovechild of Adam and Eve, you’re tempted and delighted by this sin of having your mind, soul and heart imprisioned,

Like many others before me,
William, Maya, Oscar, Ralph, Kofi
like present and future kings and queens,
Mutombo, Yom, Asantewaa, Vanessa, Chief,
I do not come here just to lyrically wax you,
I’m here to bridge the gap between your fantasies and reality,

To bust wide open the layer that bodies your funny bone and leave you in stitches,
To cure you with this wits inducing, mood swinging, metaphor seducing, hair raising, mind captivating remedy that will forever linger on your memories,

The aim is to leave you in a state where finding yourself becomes a constant battle between truth and lies,
Anxiety and pain, the shudder as a result of chills in your ice cold veins as you are constantly sub zero’d in pieces that will fatally leave you red bared as if you’re a character from a fighting game,

In the end it will be either joy, confusion or death,
You will seek clarity to a lost cause, a touchy subject,
Like a drug addict you will be obsessed with the words rather than the context,
Itching to find out more, screaming scratching walls till nails bleed as your mind speeds on a road with no stop signs nor directions to what truly defines what makes you react to that one line,

That one verse,
That one piece..
I am not a poet, I’m just a speaker,
When I speak, you listen,
When I bleet these words, your mind, heart and soul gives in..


She clipped off her wings and she let go,
Ready to fall and embrace a world full of antagonism,
She was a victim of constant ridicule and countless pessimistic opinions,
She only wanted to be remembered for her givings,
Was never into winnings, only winning she was into was for her peoples uplifting,
For her craft to touch souls who wanted to give in,

A rose that grew out of her mothers sidewalk concrete, who would have imagined though?
No fatherly support because he was shameless bastard i.e. a “thot”,
Thoughts of what could have been if she ever met him face to face,
A love hate, she wanted answers but at the same time she was full of anger,

This pretty bird simply wanted to be what Yaa Asantewa was to the Ashanti’s, what Rosa Parks was to black American queens, what Edith, Vanessa and Asantewaa is to poetry,
Revolutionary she had it tatted on her heart indefinitely,
But she stares adversity in the eye,
The demon that births pride and cripples your momentum when you’re on a mission to reach further heights than the sky,

You and I know very well she was made for this,
Your negatives are just undeveloped images trying to distort her actual perspective,
She will not be affected, just remember this,

Her body constituents are not just of a skin rich full of milk and honey but of grits and guile,
The fire in her belly is like a molten lava ready to combust explosive energy,
She’s ready,

So what was once a foetus growing steadily to formulate from a seed to a plant, has stretched out its branch, that rose flower is ready to blossom into this world, and dance its way into your memories,
Believe it when she says…you’ll never forget me…